MemoPlus is a PR agency in Hong Kong that offers exceptional PR services to clients in the region. Company owners and managers can book a PR Consultation Service to discuss a potential partnership with MEMO Plus. The initial meeting is extremely important for the future development of the plan. It serves to analyze all the aspects of the company and present an effective strategy to achieve the client’s goals.

Before booking a PR Consultation Service, MEMO Plus professionals advise clients to collect relevant information about the business and identify objectives. When the company’s representatives meet the MEMO + team, they should know what they want from the project and have an approximate idea of the outcome. For example, the client might want to gather business partners and contacts and spread a good message about the firm. In that case, one of the possible adequate services could be the Event Planner HK.

If the client confirms that the Event Planner HK is a good option, MEMO + will take care of all the aspects of the event. These experts will find suitable venues and show them to the client. Together, they will select the best space and theme. MEMO Plus takes care of the venue decorations, LED wall graphics, as well as a full visual and audio support.

At the PR Consultation Service, the client can also request from MEMO + to invite guests, media, and sponsors to the event. As a part of the Event Planner HK, this team will take care of the invitations and other details that will make the event memorable.

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