When a company faces a PR Crisis, it can harm its reputation strongly. It is difficult to regain the trust of the clientele once it’s lost. For that reason, company owners and managers must take all the necessary measures to resolve the crisis before it ruins the business.

MEMO + is a reputable PR agency stationed in Hong Kong. The company offers a set of services that help businesses deal with crises in numerous ways. One of the highly-requested services at MEMO Plus is Event Planning HK. Managing a PR Crisis by organizing one or several events that will present the company in the best light is a powerful methodology that brings outstanding results.

The Event Planning HK at MEMO + is an end-to-end service that takes care of the event management from the beginning to the end. PR experts create a project plan that follows the style of the company and share the strategy with the client. Upon approval, the MEMO Plus staff starts with the execution of the plan. The Event Planning HK includes but is not limited to design theme, budgeting, venue selecting, audio and visual support, guest invitations, and staff recruitment.

Managing the PR Crisis is incomparably easier with professional assistance. MEMO + is proud and motivated to help struggling companies return to profitability. With strategic actions and coverage of all PR aspects, this agency became a reliable partner to prestigious organizations across Hong Kong. MEMO Plus continues to promote and support businesses in the region and they invite companies of all sizes and types to request a PR consultation that will serve to create suitable PR plans that will maximize the potential of the clients’ firms.

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