Life is all about choices, as well as online marketing, especially when you have limited budget or time to manage several channels. But why do you need to choose between search ads Hong Kong and Facebook marketing? Actually, they work well together with synergy effects. 

Everything starts with traffic. The prerequisite of lead and conversion is someone has visited your website or Facebook page. You can start by launching search ads Hong Kong to direct people to your Facebook page. The purpose of this is to get people to know your brand and products and get engagement and sharing through Facebook. Once your target customers follow your page, you could send them information regularly, such as the latest updates and new products arrival to keep them paying attention to your brand. And finally remarketing them through the loyalty program. 

But what if people do not like you at the first sight after clicking your search ads Hong Kong to your Facebook page, and it seems not to work for your Facebook marketing. That is not a bad thing, at least they remember your brand. The next time people have the need to search in the search engines and see a lot of search ads results in Hong Kong, the chance of clicking your search ads is higher as they remember your brand before. In this way, search ads Hong Kong partners with Facebook marketing to create a bigger effect than just applying only to either one of the channels. Thus, consider adopting both of them next time when you are planning the online promotion for your brand.

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