You can make your virtual events significantly more engaging and captivating if you use the right virtual education fair platform! The time of sporadic webinars that everyone attends just because they cannot avoid them is long gone. With UC. NOW, a powerful hybrid conference solution HK, you and all the people that join your event will truly enjoy it because it will be constructive, interesting, and innovative.

U.C. NOW has been operating for several years but its popularity reached its peak during the COVID-19 quarantine. Since then, this hybrid conference solution HK established its position as one of the best software for a variety of virtual events. Its quality secured UC. NOW the place of the main virtual education fair platform in prestigious educational institutions and companies in Hong Kong.

The restrictions of COVID-19 that included social distancing are gone but UC. NOW is here to stay. Thus, its users continue to use the virtual education fair platform for facilitated learning, interviewing, meetings, webinars, and other digital events.

Users of this hybrid conference solution HK can utilize InfoHub, a modern “virtual conference center”. It is a space that, apart from communication tools, offers a productive hub for file exchange, submission of materials, and more features that members need for effective online engagement.

Organizers of virtual events can use UC. NOW to invite members to join via email and they can upload files for members to read during and after the event. That way, users won’t miss out on important lessons even if they were not able to attend the meeting. Such a progressive system gained UC. NOW is a great spot in the industry as this brand continues to grow its regional influence that is slowly expanding across the world.

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