UC. Now is a Virtual Info Day Solution that members can use to interact and share files online. During the COVID-19 quarantine, this Webinar Platform served various groups. From educational institutions to recruitment companies, people were widely using UC. Now to complete basic and advanced tasks.

The social distancing rules are changing frequently all around the world but the need for a quality Webinar Platform is here to stay. UC. Now proved its efficiency and stability at critical times. Now, the software continues to grow as more and more people are using it. The goal of the software is to expand globally and help diverse groups connect virtually.

In the case of educational institutions, the Virtual Info Day Solution serves various purposes. School representatives can use UC. Now to communicate with students and their parents and create a space to connect all the parents. The platform can also be used for tutoring, and online classes.

Staffing companies can utilize the Webinar Platform to receive the applications of job candidates, interview the applicants, and revise documents. The Virtual Info Day Solution has advanced options that allow users to schedule meetings, send reminders, and share materials that all the members of the channel can read. Thus, the employer can check all the applications, choose the most suitable times for interviews and send notifications to shortlisted candidates. The job seekers can accept the invitations, attend the meetings and potentially get jobs – all at one platform; without using any additional programs outside the UC. Now workplace.

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