UC. Now is a popular Virtual Career Fair Platform that helped businesses and educational institutions notably during the COVID-19 quarantine. The necessity for powerful software that offers a stable virtual workplace has been extremely high recently. For two years, the world has been learning how to function differently due to the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic. UC. Now offered companies and educational institutions a Virtual Event Solution and they gladly accepted it. Before UC. Now, most programs did not contain all the features that these organizations needed. With a new platform, these groups were finally able to normalize virtual events.

The Virtual Career Fair Platform works as an online engagement space that users can utilize in numerous ways. Members frequently use the Virtual Event Solution for educational webinars. The organizers can access the InfoHub and connect to knowledge seekers. One of the great advantages of UC. Now is that it provides multiple tools that people could not have on one platform before. They needed to use several programs/sites to complete tasks and share files. With UC. Now, that’s not necessary. Members can upload materials, and communicate at the same place.

The knowledge seekers on the Virtual Career Fair Platform can easily browse the InfoHub that the organizers manage. Therefore, if users miss the event or they want to reread the webinar materials, they can always access them. The Virtual Event Solution makes learning easy and practical. The administrators of the channel have full control of the InfoHub; they can upload files, invite members, schedule meetings, send notifications, and much more. Other participants also have a well-organized workplace that allows them to continually learn and improve.


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