CorVino is a prestigious Wine School in Hong Kong, founded over 15 years ago. The school has created powerful connections, and collaborations and is proud of all the well-known wine experts that started their careers by attending CorVino’s Wine Course Hong Kong.

People that decide to join CorVino are typically adventurists, happy to explore the world of wines. Some of them have high ambitions to succeed as wine connoisseurs, while others simply want to learn more about their favorite beverage. At CorVino, there is a Wine Course Hong Kong for each of these groups. More precisely, there are different levels that clients can attend based on their knowledge, skills, and goals.

The most popular Wine Course Hong Kong is WSET. It is, in fact, a set of courses that teaches participants everything they need or want to know about wines. The first level of WSET focuses on teaching attendees all the basic skills that are considered mandatory in the wine industry. They learn how to explore wines through taste, smell, and sight and they also learn how to pair foods with different types of wines.

As participants progress and start attending higher levels of WSET, they learn more about grape types, and wine-making methods and they develop skills that help them recommend wines to people and become true professionals in the field.

Attendees obtain certifications upon the completion of each Wine Course Hong Kong level. The certificates are useful references for future job opportunities and they allow encourage participants to keep improving and prospering. CorVino invites all wine enthusiasts to join the new course and maximize their potential in the wine area.


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