WSET Hong Kong is a popular course that wine enthusiasts can attend at CorVino, a reputable wine school stationed in Hong Kong. WSET transforms wine lovers into wine connoisseurs! Attendees of the course can choose how far they want to go in terms of education. If they need to learn only basic information and skills related to wines, they can attend only the first level of WSET. In case members decide to progress and become professionals in the industry, they can attend the second and third levels of WSET Hong Kong, after passing the first level.

WSET has 3 levels in Wines and 3 levels in Sake. The programs are designed carefully for specific groups of students, mainly based on their experience and knowledge. The first level of WSET Hong Kong introduces the world of wine to all participants of the program. It teaches them how to explore wines through smell, sight, and taste. During the course, attendees learn how to properly make wine and food pairings.

At the end of every level, students receive WSET certificates. A WSET certificate can be an outstanding job reference. If an attendee of the course wants to work in the field, having a WSET certificate will help immediately. Of course, higher levels of WSET Hong Kong have an advantage but every level is valuable; not only as a job reference but also in everyday life. Wine enthusiasts enjoy the beverage incomparably more when they know details about it. Attending a WSET course at CorVino opens the door to mesmerizing wine world that only educated enthusiasts can see.

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