Hong Kong Baptist University offers an innovative Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration to local and non-local students interested in business. This concentration is among the most popular choices of business students because of its ability to meet and respond to the continually changing needs of businesses in an economy driven by technology. HKBU’s approach to studies that includes equipment of the highest standard, educators with extensive experience, and a unique programme additionally attracts students to the Business Intelligence concentration.

Students will build a solid foundation on Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Applications in multiple industries, and regulatory implications, as well as collateral policy. Programmes are not only theoretical but also include the acquisition of first-hand experience of enormous significance to aspiring business leaders.

BU Double Degree is another programme with a high-interest rate. It enables students to earn two degrees in four years. One from HKBU BBA and one from NEOMA Business School (NBS) in France. BU Double Degree offers students an exceptional opportunity to study in Hong Kong for the first two years and proceed to France for the final two years.

Through BU Double Degree, students learn about business from highly qualified international educators, while meeting peers from different countries, expanding their global vision, and acquiring skills of great value. Upon the completion of the studies, students will receive a double degree of outstanding advantage for their future career building. HKBU educators gladly assist students with career-building so they can count on the help of experienced teachers that will help with students’ questions and inquiries.


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