Drug Dependent Awareness Programs Are Entering Schools in Hong Kong

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a nonprofit organization that provides innovative Mental Health Service HK. The group started to operate in 1991 with a primary mission to educate young people on drug and alcohol abuse as well as mental health and wellbeing. The organization consists of experienced professionals that create and present programs to students, teachers, parents, and other groups.

This team created several Drug Dependent Awareness programs to educate young people on drug abuse. The group offers Bespoke Workshops, Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops, ExCEL, Prevention Starts with YOU, SOSKELY, and Drama Programme. The Mental Health Service HK is designed to make the topic engaging and useful, which leads to positive results and feedback.

The Drug Dependent Awareness Drama Programme teaches participants how to use resistance strategies to resist the influence of peers associated with substance misuse. The Mental Health Service HK uses creative, fun methodologies to interest young people. Peers interact at the Drama Programme and they learn about an important subject while also improving their communication skills, self-expression, and emotional management.

To maximize the effect of the Drama Programme, KELY involved professional actors that share technical skills and knowledge with participants. Drug Dependent Awareness is available for schools and other communities. KELY Group collaborates with institutions across Hong Kong. With a wider expansion of the programs, this organization aims to impact the avoidance of drugs and alcohol. Having such an educational course is important for every student. Sometimes young people have many questions and doubts regarding the topic but nobody is answering them properly. KELY group will not only answer those questions but also teach students how to deal with any situation related to drug and alcohol abuse.

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