Young people need a quality Mental Health Service to develop and maximize their potential. A few decades ago, educators were not dedicating enough attention to mental health. This area was completely neglected, which negatively affected teenagers. They felt misunderstood and lonely frequently, which resulted in harmful actions or substance abuse.

Today, not only students can access a Mental Health Service, but they can also get the best out of the Teenage Harm Reduction programs. In Hong Kong, one of the best-known support groups that collaborate with a range of prestigious schools in the region is KELY; a nonprofit organization that has been operating since 1991.

The mission of KELY Support Group is to equip young people with skills and knowledge that will help them manage stress, and emotions and avoid drugs and alcohol. The Teenage Harm Reduction program introduces the world of addiction to young people. It shows them the struggles and consequences of substance abuse. Only with proper education and a powerful Mental Health Service, teenagers can identify the dangers of drugs and alcohol, which will make them avoid these substances without any pressure.

Teenage Harm Reduction consists of various programs that educate youth in a captivating way; Bespoke Workshops, Prevention Starts with You, and SOSKELY are only some of them. With over 30 years of experience, KELY continues to influence young people in the region and contribute to their prosperous future. Educational institutions are welcome to contact this Support Group for any type of cooperation and ensure their students are receiving the best advice that will keep them healthy and productive.  

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