Innovative Endovascular Treatment is Available to Patients in Hong Kong

Damaged blood vessels could cause numerous health problems. The vascular trauma can be mild, moderate, and severe. One of the issues that frequently appears is a peripheral arterial disease, known as PAD. It is a vascular problem in the aorta, leg, or carotid that requires a professional Endovascular Treatment (ET).

Peripheral arterial disease refers to the blockage or narrowing of the vessels that prevents a natural blood flow from the heart to the legs. The fatty plaque builds up in the artery’s inner lining, causing the problem mentioned previously. This occurrence is called atherosclerosis. Some of the risk factors of this disease are high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, diabetes, and the consumption of saturated fats, among others. If atherosclerosis is not treated promptly, coronary artery disease could develop. This disease can cause chest pain (angina), a heart attack, or heart failure. To prevent such serious outcomes, patients must have Endovascular Treatment timely.

Esteem Surgical Clinic introduced Endovascular Treatment as one of the exclusive services. Considering that the treatment is relatively new, only highly-developed clinics can perform it. Esteem consists of a team of world-class specialists and the equipment at the clinic meets the highest standards of the medical industry in the world.

Before scheduling the Endovascular Treatment, doctors collect relevant information about the patient and get familiar with previous medical records. After determining that the treatment can be performed safely, the specialists notify the patient and provide an exceptional treatment that significantly changes the client’s lifestyle and reduces serious health risks.

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