If you are reluctant to have in your home an open flame (i.e. scented candle) at all times but still want to enjoy some delicate aromas, you should go for a home reed diffuser HK. Whenever my home reed diffuser HK ran out, I visit the following places. First, Indigo Living. It has a great range of candles and reed diffusers and they are quite affordable. Indigo Living features international brands but the ones created in-house are the best in my opinion. Second, Aesop. My favorite home reed diffuser HK from Aesop is Olous Aromatique. It smells great and the sleek design fits perfectly with my home décor. 

For those of you who are okay with an open flame, I have to introduce you BeCandle – my favorite out of all HK independent brands out there. The candles are crafted in Sai Kung and they are made in small batches. I love how they collaborate with other HK independent brands, local craftsmen, designers, and perfumers. The designs are great as well. I have already gifted away a few products from BeCandle last Christmas! If you are interested, you can buy it off of kapok e-shop, in the comfort of your home! 

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