Purchasing an Italian Motor Yacht in Hong Kong is extremely easy thanks to a reputable dealership and brokerage, Asia Yachting. This company is so beneficial that people from different sides of the continent come to Hong Kong to buy boats for great prices.

Yacht enthusiasts are especially interested in the Fountaine Pajot Sale. This brand is known worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of luxury catamarans. It was founded in 1976, launched the first sailboat in 1983, and gained global fame quickly. The innovative design and top-class performance attract yacht admirers all over the world. Asia Yachting is proud to offer a convenient Fountaine Pajot Sale and clients are happy to have a chance to purchase these outstanding French boats.

When it comes to Italian Motor Yacht models, one of the popular manufacturers is Monte Carlo. This pioneering project gained recognition globally faster than most famous manufacturers. The vision of Monte Carlo is to return the values of luxury, style, and elegance. The boats are exceptionally classy and they are admirable to watch and use.

Asia Yachting offers new and used Italian Motor Yacht models. Clients can use the beneficial Fountaine Pajot Sale to purchase a brand-new boat or they can purchase a pre-owned yacht in great condition. All used boats are tested and revised so buyers can be certain that there won’t be any hidden issues. They can also test the yachts additionally if they please. Asia Yachting team is available for all questions and inquiries. Clients only need to contact customer service and they will receive all the information needed for safe and quick purchases. 

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