People all around the world are recognizing the quality of a Lab Diamond and showing great interest in this precious gem. The difference between earth-mined diamonds and diamonds grown in labs is minimal. They look almost identical; only experts can see the difference between these two. For that reason, ladies and gentlemen that admire these beautiful stones but were not able to afford them until now are especially excited about the expansion of lab-grown diamonds.

The price of a Lab Diamond is 20-40% lower than the price of a naturally-minded diamond, which explains its popularity. In the last 50 years, various companies have been trying to develop a technology that will grow diamonds for industrial uses, until they finally altered the “recipe” approximately a decade ago.

LABSTAR is one of the leading Lab Diamond factories in the world. This company produces diamonds and offers loose diamonds wholesale and retail. Stationed in Hong Kong, LABSTAR is slowly growing its influence worldwide. More and more companies like the idea of grown diamonds so they partner up with LABSTAR to bring cost-efficient diamonds to their countries.

Impressively, Lab Diamond jewelry comes in a variety of colors and designs. Buyers can choose between numerous mesmerizing shades of blue, pink, and yellow, among others. The offer is valid for individual clients, as well as jewelry stores looking for fine jewels for their clientele. All potential buyers are welcome to get in touch with LABSTAR and discuss short-term and/or long-term plans that will make lab grown diamonds easily accessible to people across the globe.

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