NINA Mall is a diverse shopping mall occupying 3 floors of a high-rise in a crowded area of Hong Kong; making it a must-visit place for tourists and a regular stop for the locals. The Tsuen Wan food court attracts visitors with its rich offer that includes various cuisines that people don’t have a chance to try out anywhere else.

Although the Tsuen Wan food court is one of the most popular parts of the NINA Mall, a range of shops and events also attract people to this mall daily. A spacious Tsuen Wan parking makes it easy for visitors to park their vehicles and enjoy the mall without any worries. The parking has over 400 spaces!

The content of the Nina Mall is so rich that visitors simply cannot get enough of the products and services they purchase at this place. In order to maximize their experience, clients can become members of the VIP Club; that way, they can get the best out of the Tsuen Wan food court, Tsuen Wan parking, as well as all the other aspects of the Nina Mall.

VIP members can collect points on their VIP cards and use them for shopping, food, drinks, or anything else they wish to use or buy at the mall. When it comes to the Tsuen Wan parking, NINA Mall VIP clients can check for vacancies anytime by using the NINA Mall app and they can also get free parking hours if they stay in the mall for over 3 hours. Those are only some of the VIP Club benefits; customers can request further information from the concierge inside the shopping mall or they can send their questions online.

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