An innovative wine tasting course provided by CorVino, a top wine school in the region attracts wine enthusiasts from all around Hong Kong! Three levels of a powerful course by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust ensure all the participants learn enough about their favourite beverage to enter the industry in great style, with an enormous potential to succeed!

WSET Level 1 is mainly created for wine admirers with no experience in the industry. People can learn about different types of grapes, learn how to explore wines through taste, smell, and sight, and be able to make wine and food pairings. With those skills, all the participants of the wine tasting course will be above-average wine enthusiasts and they will impress people around them with their knowledge and abilities!

Although WSET Level 1 is created for beginners, CorVino encourages knowledgeable wine admirers to attend the wine tasting course as well because it contains information and practices that are useful even to professional sommeliers. If they start from the beginning, participants will build their knowledge on a solid foundation and that will greatly impact the quality of their work in the future.

After completing the WSET Level 1, students can proceed to the second and then the third level and make a grand entrance to the wine industry. Many reputable wine experts started their careers after completing CorVino’s innovative courses. The representatives of the school invite all wine enthusiasts to join a group of ambitious people united with love and passion for wine!

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